How efficient is your storage?

Power and cooling requirements of disk drives are a major operating cost for data centers. According to IDC, data centers spend over $1 billion per year to power and cool their external storage. These costs are expected to skyrocket over the next 4 years as the number of disk shipments grows dramatically.


Slash energy bills

Most storage systems waste energy by inefficiently supplying full power to every disk at all times, even when the disk is idle. This also increases cooling costs.

Adaptec Intelligent Power Management for RAID controllers reduces storage energy consumption by as much as 70% without compromising application performance.

With Intelligent Power Management, users can minimize power consumption by alternating between 3 modes:

  1. Normal operation - full power, full RPM (revolutions per minute)

  2. Standby - low power mode spins disks at lower RPM

  3. Power-off - disks not spinning

Built into our high-performance Series 6Q, Series 6, Series 5ZSeries 5, and entry-level Series 6E, and Series 2 Unified Serial® RAID controllers for SATA and SAS drives, Intelligent Power Management is ideal for applications with idle time, such as:

  • File/print servers
  • Media ISPs
  • Disk-to-disk backup
  • Archive and compliance
  • WAN-based disaster recovery
  • Email archive


Adaptec Intelligent Power Management is managed through our exclusive Adaptec Storage Manager™ tool.


Supported RAID Controllers

 Adaptec RAID 6805TQ
 Adaptec RAID 6805Q 
 Adaptec RAID 5805ZQ
Adaptec RAID 5805Q
Adaptec RAID 2405Q
Adaptec RAID 6805
 Adaptec RAID 6445
 Adaptec RAID 6405 
 Adaptec RAID 6805T
Adaptec RAID 6405T
Adaptec RAID 6805E
Adaptec RAID 6405E
 Adaptec RAID 5805Z
 Adaptec RAID 5445Z 
 Adaptec RAID 5405Z
Adaptec RAID 52445
Adaptec RAID 51645
Adaptec RAID 51245
Adaptec RAID 5085
Adaptec RAID 5805
Adaptec RAID 5445
Adaptec RAID 5405
Adaptec RAID 2405
Adaptec RAID 2045


*Must be supported by disk drive.