Adaptec Series 6 raid adapters with PMCs market-leading, multi-core SRC 8x6G RAID-on-Chip (ROC)

Series 6 and Series 6T – Highest performance 6Gb/s
Series 6 adapters feature PMC-Sierra's market-leading, multi-core SRC 8x6G RAID-on-Chip (ROC), 512MB DDR2 667MHz cache, and an x8 PCI Express Gen2 host bus connection. They deliver up to 60% higher sustained sequential throughput than previous generation Adaptec adapters and up to 2GB/s sustained data transfer rate to the host. At peak performance, Series 6 offers 4.8Gb/s through the SAS 2.0 interface and 4.0GB/s through the PCIe Gen 2 host interface.  Series 6T adapters deliver the same performance and functionality as Series 6; the only difference is mini-SAS 4 and 8-port recessed top-mounted connectors to provide the added hardware flexibility required for very dense server applications.


Series 6E – Ideal for entry-level servers and workstations
Series 6E adapters offer true hardware RAID with on-board DRAM that outperforms software-based HBAs and SATA adapters. With entry-level price points and 6Gb/s performance, Series 6E supports 4 or 8 SATA/SAS devices and are available with PCIe Gen2 x1 or x4 interfaces for maximum connectivity, Intelligent Power Management and Hybrid RAID for additional performance. Both form factor are shorter than MD2 and ZMCP is not supported on Series 6E


Series 6 Family Picture


Zero Maintenance Cache ProtectionZero-Maintenance Cache Protection (available for Series 6 and Series 6T)
raid adapters typically employ battery backup units (BBUs) to protect cached data during power loss, but BBUs require constant monitoring and preserve data for a maximum of 72 hours during power loss. Adaptec Series 6 adapters introduce Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection, a revolutionary advancement that solves BBU deficiencies by providing full protection to cached data with no installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal, or replacement costs.


green powerAdaptec Intelligent Power Management
Intelligent Power Management (IPM) slashes power and cooling costs by up to 70% using intelligent I/O caching combined with disk drive power savings via standby and power-off modes.


Hybrid RAIDHybrid RAID
With Hybrid RAID 1 & 10 the Series 6 family adapters offer maximum performance and reliability by combining Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) in a single array. By performing read operations from the faster SSD and write operations on both the SSDs and HDDs it offers tremendous performance gains over standard HDD RAID arrays. By combining SSDs and HDDs it offers the benefits of both technologies and allows a better cost per GB ratio than comparable SSD only RAID arrays.


Like all Unified Serial products, all Adaptec Series 6 raid adapters offer full compatibility with over 300 SATA/SAS components, extensive scalability, and one-view management through the Adaptec Storage Manager™ software. .

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