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Open Source

Adaptec is fully committed to supporting the Linux operating environment. The focus of these web pages is to give you the current Linux support status for Adaptec RAID code ("ARC")-based products.

Strong Linux Commitment
At Adaptec, we're committed to providing resources that make it easier for you to develop Linux solutions with our products. We've added a repository of information for our open source solutions, which includes:

Latest Adaptec Open Source drivers
List of officially supported Linux distributions
List of Linux kernels and distributions which contain Adaptec Open Source Linux drivers

Here are some additional items that we provide in support of the Linux community:

  • Adaptec RAID drivers are embedded in the Linux kernel today.
  • We work aggressively to have our RAID drivers embedded in future Linux kernel distributions.
  • We continue to update the list of Linux distributions that contain our Open Source Linux drivers

Adaptec also supports other open-source projects and operating systems, including FreeBSD, and actively works with the open source community by giving away free sample products to developers in exchange for developing drivers and interfaces for our products (e.g. for OpenBSD).

Officially supported Linux distributions for ARC-based products (both x86 and x86 64bit)  

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6, IA-32 and x64 
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, IA-32 and x64 
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9, IA-32 and x64 
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10, IA-32 and x64 

Other Linux kernels and distributions which include support for ARC-based products (both x86 and x86 64 bit)  

  • CentOS
  • Fedora Core
  • Mandrake Linux
  • Red Hat 9
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3/4/5
  • SUSE Linux 7.3/ 8/ 8.1/ 8.2/ 9/ 9.1/ 9.2/9.3/ 10/ 10.1/ 10.2
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 7/ 8/ 9/ 9SP1/9SP2/ 9SP3/ 9SP4/ 10/ 10SP1/ 10SP2
  • United Linux 1 SP2/ SP3/ SP4
  • VMware ESX Server 3.x, ESXi 3.x and vSphere 4