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Adaptec Series 7 Family

Series 7H/7He/6H FAQs

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Product & Features

What is the performance on random workloads of Series 7H?

Series 7H delivers over 1 Million IOPs with 512Byte blocks and over 800K IOPs with 4K blocks.

What is the performance on sequential workloads of Series 7H?

Series 7H delivers up to 6600MB/s (requires 16-port card).

How is the Microsemi Adaptec Series 6H different from Microsemi Adaptec Series 7H?

Series 6H has the PCIe Gen2 capabilities providing fundamental SAS/SATA connectivity while 7H presents the industry's only low-profile, high performance HBA to utilize full PCIe Gen3 capabilities with 16 native ports.

How is the Microsemi Adaptec Series 7H different from Microsemi Adaptec Series 7He?

Series 7He offers the industry's first encrypted HBA with maxCrypto.

What operating systems are supported?
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat Linux
  • VMware ESX
  • SUSE Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
Please visit www.adaptec.com/support for more information.

Do the 6H, 7H and 7He series support RAID?

The 6H, 7H and 7He series do not have built-in RAID capabilities but can support any third party software or hardware RAID solution (e.g built into the OS).

Do customers need different cables for the mini SAS HD connectors?

Microsemi Adaptec provides a full-range of prequalified, high-quality cables for both the 6H, 7H/7He series with standard SAS HD Cables and SAS cables..

When and where are these products available?

General availability will be in Q2 of 2013 from worldwide Adaptec Authorized Retail partners. For a reseller near you, go to http://www.adaptec.com/en-us/wheretobuy/.

What sets the Microsemi Adaptec HBA family apart from competitors?

Microsemi Adaptec, Series 7H and 7He offer the only 6Gb/s adapters that utilizes full bandwidth capabilities of the PCIe Gen3 host interface leveraging 16 native ports onboard. 7H and 7He are also the industry's only low-profile MD2 form factor HBAs to offer native 16 ports by utilizing mini SAS HD connectors. 7He series is the industry's only HBA to have built-in 256bit AES hardware encryption engine to provide encryption at line speed.

How compatible are the Microsemi Adaptec Series 6H, 7H and 7He families?

Adaptec adapters are tested and supported with all the major vendors. Please visit our website at www.adaptec.com/compatibility for a list of tested components.


What is maxCrypto?

maxCrypto is a device that ships with 7He product line. They have a unique encryption key specific to each card to help secure customer data.

How does maxCrypto work?

After installation of maxCryto key all data is encrypted in real-time before stored on either HDDs or SSDs. If the maxCrypto device is destroyed or removed, data on the drives become unreadable.

What happens when the maxCrypto key fails?

In order to prevent data loss there should be redundant backup for data in the unlikely event of a maxCrypto key failure

Can the maxCrypto encryption key be transferred among other 7He cards?

The maxCrypto encryption key provided with each 7He card is unique to the specific key and card combination, in the event of a faulty HBA, the encryption key can be moved to another 7He HBA—allowing access to your encrypted data.