Innovative RAID Solutions for Fast-Growing Market Segments
The demand for digital storage is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years, driven largely by the increased usage of transactional databases, consumer-driven audio/video content, and faster delivery methods. The successful storage OEMs will be the ones who offer a diverse and profitable portfolio of storage systems that can address a wide range of customer needs.

Adaptec provides enterprise-class RAID technology that top-tier storage OEMs use in applications that require a compact footprint with unbeatable data protection and reliability.

These innovative solutions feature multi-protocol RAID Storage Processor (RSP) technology delivered via software and silicon. The highly scalable architecture can leverage a common design across multiple product families ranging from entry-level internal RAID storage to high performance enterprise-class storage systems.  The result is lower development costs, faster time-to-market, and significantly-lowered support and maintenance costs.

Going forward, OEM customers will find an expanded portfolio of storage products from Adaptec, including ASIC-based solutions for performance desktops, blade servers, and enterprise-class external storage systems, as well as next generation 6 Gb/s serial raid adapters.

Adaptec RAID Storage Processor
At the heart of our RAID Storage Solution is the RAID Storage Processor (RSP), a hardware-accelerated architecture that delivers superior protocol processing, command processing, storage application acceleration, and storage management in a single silicon unit.

This unique architecture provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability, which allows storage systems to provide high performance, manageability and scalability across a wide range of applications, ranging from Enterprise Data Center, Small and Medium Business (SMB) and high-end desktops. Integrated protocol acceleration combined with high-speed data interfaces make the RSP ideal for SATA, SAS and Fibre Channel applications.

Adaptec RAID Software
Adaptec RAID SoftwareDesigned specifically to take advantage of the RSP’s hardware acceleration, Adaptec RAID Software includes a base-level feature set built upon proven enterprise-class reliability. OEM customers are given the flexibility to add their own customized modules through a powerful set of APIs and an easy-to-customize GUI.

Adaptec RAID software is bolstered by built-in RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) capabilities to provide end-users with fast access to their data while protecting them against loss of their valuable information.

Hardware Reference Designs
Reference LibraryOur innovative solutions feature a highly-scalable architecture that leverages a common design across multiple product families. Adaptec award-winning RAID Storage Processor (RSP™) devices complement our powerful RAID software and are suitable for a broad range of applications, from entry-level to enterprise-class storage systems. We provide complete RAID adapter Reference Designs that our customers can readily adapt to their specific form factor, regardless of whether these are deployed inside servers or inside disk arrays.