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ASPI Driver for Windows version 4.71
ファイル名:   aspi_v471.exe
日時:    28 5 2002
サイズ:    533.5 KB
言語:   English US
バージョン:   4.71
Modem (56k) - 1 分, 18 seconds
DSL (256k) - 0 分, 17 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - 5秒以内
内容:   Updated ASPI drivers version 4.71 for Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000 and XP. Includes ASPICHK version checking utility. Changes between v 4.70 and v 4.71: Previous versions of aspi32.sys for Windows 2000 and XP may not return the proper Maximum Number of Targets (HA_MaxTargets) in reponse to Host Adapter Inquiry (HA_INQUIRY). This has been corrected.

Caution ご注意:   Do not use this version of the ASPI layer in Windows 95. Use ASPI version 4.60 found under the EZ-SCSI 5.x downloads for Windows 95.

Adaptec provides this software without charge and as a courtesy to Adaptec product users but offers no technical support regarding this software.
インストールの手順:   This file extracts by default to the c:\adaptec\aspi directory. If you have changed this directory, please note the directory you have chosen.For Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME and 2000, use the enclosed ASPIINST.EXE file to install the ASPI layer.For Windows XP, select Start - Run from the menu, and then the Browse button. Locate the INSTALL.BAT file in the directory the files extracted to and select the OPEN button. In the command box, add a space and either XP32 for Pentium I/II/III/IV processors or XP64 for Itanium processors. The command should look like: c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP32 or c:\adaptec\aspi\install.bat XP64. Then select the OK button to run the XP installer.
メモ:   Check the download area under "Windows ASPI Package" for the latest version of ASPI drivers available.

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