Adaptec HBA 1000 Firmware version 1.54 build 0
Date:    27 Apr 2016
Size:    1.7 MB
Language:   English US
Version:   1.54 b0
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) - 4 minutes, 19 seconds
DSL (256k) - 0 minutes, 57 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - 0 minutes, 10 seconds
Description:   Adaptec HBA 1000 Firmware/BIOS Update Ver. 1.54 Build 0.

Installation Instruction:   The controller firmware can be flashed using maxView Storage Manager or ARCCONF command line utility (once installed on an existing system or via the bootUSB utility prior to operating system installation).

For instructions on how to update the firmware using maxView Storage Manager (MSM) or ARCCONF, please refer to the MSM User's Guide or the MSM online help.

Compatible Products
Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000-8e
Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000-8i
Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000-8i8e
Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000-16e
Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1000-16i

Compatible Environment
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