New Adaptec Open Source Tools Allow for Easy and Rapid Automated Configuration, Deployment, and Management of Smart Storage Adapters in the Data Center

There is hard to find a better example of a market in transition than the enterprise data center. The data center is continually being redefined by increasing business and customer demands, as well as advances in technology, coupled with the continued growth of public and private cloud based solutions for applications, and now, even infrastructure.

OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system that allows administrators the ability to provision and manage their storage resources in the data center through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. OpenStack’s popularity rests on its flexible ecosystem, transparency, and speed. All at a lower cost. With more enterprises now using open source platforms to configure, deploy, and manage their data centers, many believe OpenStack to be the future of cloud computing.

Adaptec Open Source Tools for OpenStack

Adaptec, continues its storage leadership by launching industry-first open source tools that configure, deploy, scale, and manage our RAID adapters, Host Bus adapters, and expanders for use with OpenStack’s Horizon dashboard in the data center.


Metal as a Service (MAAS) allows users to treat physical servers like virtual machines (instances) in the cloud. Rather than having to manage each server individually, MAAS turns the bare metal into an elastic cloud-like resource.

The Adaptec MAAS commissioning scripts allow customers to:

  • Configure Smart storage RAID adapters and Host Bus adapters during the bare metal provisioning process
  • Update all firmware (adapters, expander, and storage devices) to consistent levels.

Visit the Adaptec support site to download the Adaptec MAAS commissioning scripts »

Canonical JUJU is an open source service management tool that allows software to be quickly deployed, integrated and scaled on a wide choice of cloud services or servers.

The Adaptec remote Arcconf JUJU charm allows users to remotely deploy arcconf in any type of cloud, such as Openstack, Azure, or Amazon Web allowing the Smart adapters and attached devices to be configured and managed remotely using the Juju dashboard CLI.

Click here to visit the Juju charm store to download the Adaptec remote Arcconf »
  Horizon is the Openstack Dashboard which provides a web based user interface for OpenStack services. Horizon plugins extend and add additional functionality for the Horizon dashboard.

The Adaptec OpenStack Horizon plug-in allows users to:

  • Auto –discovery of Adaptec and Redfish servers in the subnet
  • View configuration with association and navigation
  • Firmware upgrades for the controller, expander and drives
  • Automate Event notifications

Visit the Adaptec support site to download the Adaptec Openstack Horizon plug-in  »


Adaptec open source tools for OpenStack allows the configuration, deployment, management of all Adaptec storage devices in one integrated GUI - making it an ideal heterogeneous infrastructure for data center management.

Setting up the Adaptec Horizon OpenStack Horizon Plugin   Deploying the Adaptec MAAS Commissioning Scripts
Installing the Adaptec Juju charm to remotely deploy Adaptec ARCCONF

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