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アダプテック グリーン パートナー

お約束は、 一緒に使用される製品の業界をリードするパートナーと共有されています。
インテリジェント パワー マネージメント機能機能を有するAdaptec RAIDコントローラと、下記のソリューションパートナーからの環境に優しい製品を使用したストレージソリューションを採用することで、グリーン化を推進できます。 類を見ないアプリケーションパフォーマンスを持ちながら、ネットワークエネルギー消費を最大70%削減することができます。

AIC ソリューション パートナー

"At AIC, we've made a public commitment to providing environmentally- conscious storage chassis solutions that provide state-of-the-art performance and full-feature capabilities for a wide range of applications, " said Gene Lee, corporate vice president of AIC."Adaptec's new Intelligent Power Management on its Unified Serial controllers dovetails perfectly with this strategy, delivering products that further push the 'green envelope.'"

Chenbro ソリューション パートナー

"Reducing power consumption is at the top of virtually every one of our customers' requirement lists; along with performance, reliability and cost, " said Maggi Chen, president, Chenbro, a leading PC, server and rack mount chassis provider."Adaptec's Unified Serial controllers with its new Intelligent Power Management software provide the ideal I/O solution that meets or exceeds all these criteria. At Chenbro we believe that in an increasingly competitive world for IT products, optimal energy efficiency is a must-have capability."

Supermicro ソリューション パートナー

"As a leader in energy efficient computing, Supermicro embraces green technology and supports Adaptec's approach to further "greening" the data center with Intelligent Power Management, " said Tau Leng, general manager of marketing and HPC at Supermicro."Providing our customers with earth-friendly Server Building Block Solutions(R) is a top priority at Supermicro, and we look forward to incorporating Adaptec Intelligent Power Management into our industry-leading green server and storage solutions."
Seagate ソリューション パートナー

"As the world's leading disk drive manufacturer, Seagate is extremely interested in complimentary data storage technologies that can add to the overall value of our drives, " said Sherman Black, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Enterprise Compute Business."Adaptec Unified Serial controllers with Intelligent Power Management coupled with Seagate(R) SATA and SAS disk drives with our PowerTrim(TM) technology combine to deliver dramatic data center energy savings with no sacrifice in performance."

"Samsung F1 R Raid Class enterprise hard drives are engineered to provide storage solutions with best-in-class performance and low power." said Hubbert Smith Director Enterprise Storage Marketing, Samsung Electronics' Storage Division. “Adaptec Intelligent Power Management complements our F1 R Raid Class product line, providing consumers with expanded power and cost savings."

Western Digital

"Adaptec Intelligent Power Management used in conjunction with Western Digital's high-capacity SATA drives delivers the industry's leading I/O performance while minimizing power consumption, " said Tom McDorman, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Storage Solutions, Western Digital."Western Digital is committed to working with Adaptec, and other storage ecosystems partners, to develop eco-friendly solutions for customers that reduce costs and help meet their green storage objectives."

アダプテック グリーン チャネルパートナー

"While data storage requirements continue to escalate, and IT environments incorporate more storage devices to meet those needs, it is increasingly important to CPI to ensure that the solutions we deliver are as energy-efficient as possible," said Andreas Schlemmer, Director Purchasing, Product Management & Marketing, CPI Server & Storage. "Adaptec Intelligent Power Management used with our customized storage systems will not only complement our company’s Green IT initiatives, but will provide increased cost-savings and environmental benefits for our customers."

Rorke Data

"Rorke Data is a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts that specializes in data storage solutions for diverse Digital Content applications such as Surveillance, Broadcast and Healthcare Imaging. As the sheer amount of data storage in each of these markets grows exponentially in just the next few years, our customers are demanding new levels of efficiency and cost savings that goes beyond the metric of price per gigabyte plus service contract costs, " said Joe Rorke, vice president of marketing, Rorke Data."Adaptec's Green Power technology not only addresses the need for improved systems and related operational costs but also overlays well with overall Green initiatives within these storage-centric vertical markets."