SANbloc S50 JBOD

The Snap Expansion S50 provides cost-effective, flexible expansion for scalable Snap Server™ storage systems. The S50 comes as an unpopulated JBOD chassis, which can be filled with up to 12 SAS or SATA drives for a customized mix of price and performance that fits your specific storage needs. Use the Snap Expansion S50 to add storage to the Snap Server 520 or 650 systems.

Each Snap Expansion S50 enables you to add between 300GB and 3.6TB SAS, or 250GB and 12TB SATA storage, so you can right-size your environment by purchasing only the storage you need. Scalable Snap Servers can support up to seven Snap Expansion S50 expansion units, as well as a mix SAS and SATA drives, so you can easily add storage as your needs grow, while building a truly customized solution.

  • Supports SAS or SATA drives for a customized blend of price and performance, to fit your specific storage needs
  • Enables administrators easily add storage as their needs grow – up to 84TB
  • Provides point-to-point connectivity to isolate drive failures, thereby maximizing reliability and performance
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  Ability to use SAS and SATA drives to achieve the right performance, reliability, and price.
Key Differentiators
  Point-to-point connectivity isolates drive failures, increasing reliability, and fault tolerance and improves performance.
Meet your growing data demands with your choice of 9TB of SATA storage or 3.6TB of SAS storage
Customer Needs
  Administrators who need to add capacity to their existing or newly-purchased scalable Snap Server system. The SANbloc S50 is ideal for those who are looking to add cost-effective storage to get more out of their existing Snap Servers, without the need to purchase a new system. Those who need to customize their storage environment with a mix of SAS and SATA drives will also find the SANbloc S50 to be a fantastic choice.
  SATA: Up to 12 drives (12TB) capacity per 2U enclosure
SAS: Up to 12 drives (3.6TB) capacity per 2U enclosure
(Expansion for Snap Server 520 Systems requires optional Snap Server SAS HBA)
Hot Swap and Redundant Components
Two advanced power and cooling modules (APC)
Two independent AC power inlets
Up to 12 drives
No active components on data path
Network or Host Interface
One SAS I/O module supports one SAS connection
SAS connections can be used for host connections or as a combination of host connection and expansion
Each SAS connection supports up to 1,200MB/s

Disk Drive Interface  

      Twelve independent 300MB/s point-to-point connections   to each SAS or SATA disk drive

Disk Drives  

     Capacity: Up to 1TB
     Rotational velocity: 7200 RPM, 10K RPM, 15K RPM
     Interface: 3Gb SAS; 3Gb/1.5Gb SATA II
     Form factor: 3.5in. form factor, 1.0in. height
     Supported drives: Only S50/Snap Server disk drives

Measured Performance  

     Up to 750MB/s (sustained reads)

I/O Module Features  

      Single controller
     SAS and SATA support
     Autonegotiate speeds
     Inband and out-of-band management
     SMP and SSP command/protocol support

Maximum SAS Cable Length  

      Up to 3m


     Temperature, advanced power and cooling modules including fan speed control, disk drives, and I/O module, as well as error rates and quality of service on each SAS.

Failure Notification  

     SCSI enclosure services (SES-2) over I2C physical  interface, LEDs, audible alarms, FRU (field replaceable unit) revision and serial number reporting, events reported to storage management software.

AC Power  

     Input voltage: Autoranging, 85-264 VAC
     Input frequency: 47-63 Hz
     Power factor correction: Per EN61000-3-2
     Input current: 100-240 VAC @ 4-2.5 A
     Output power: 491 W peak, 430 W average


     3.5 inches (89mm)


     17.6 inches (447mm)


     19.5 inches (495.3mm)

Weight with Drives  

      60 lbs (27 kg) max