SANbloc 2Gb JBOD
The SANbloc 2Gb JBOD is end-to-end 2Gb Fibre Channel. 2Gb Fibre Channel, the latest generation of Fibre Channel network interface technology, offers greatly accelerated performance in network storage environments, providing simultaneous transmit and receive operations in full-duplex mode as high as 400 MB/s. Each subsystem boasts simplified cabling and supports up to 14 disk drives in a dense 3U form factor. The SANbloc 2Gb JBOD can be scaled in multiple dimensions, enabling flexible configuration of capacity, performance and functionality, to match and grow with virtually any application or IT environment.
Small image of the SANbloc 2Gb JBOD
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Note: Only drivers that are not included or embedded within a supported operating system are listed below. To see a complete list of supported operating systems see the Product Specifications

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Bios Updates and Other Downloadable Files

Bios Updates and Other Downloads


Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows XP

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux 7
Red Hat Linux 8

SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux 7
SuSE Linux 8


Sun Solaris

  2Gb Fibre Channel performance and improved server deployment and utilization through multiple-host connectivity and storage consolidation.
Key Differentiators
  Spheras Storage Examiner for monitoring and firmware downloads
Customer Needs
  High performance, with exceptional scalability in capacity and performance especially within a SAN environment.
System Environment
  Adaptec Storage Examiner management GUI under Windows, Linux.
Network or Host Interface
2Gb Fibre Channel
Data Transfer Rate
200 MB/s per loop (400 MB/s total) Quad Loop capability supporting over 700 MB/s
Package Contents
SANbloc 2Gb JBOD including:
  • 3U, 14 bay Fibre ChanneI storage enclosure
  • 2 power supply units
  • 2 advanced cooling modules
  • Power cords
  • Hardware installation guide
CD containing:
  • Adaptec Storage Examiner management software
  • User Manual and Quick Install Guide (PDF)
  • (Disk drives sold separately]
3-year warranty on subsystems (5 year disk drive warranty)

Hot-Swap and Redundant Components

Disk drives, Power supplies, AC power cords, Cooling modules, Copper or Optical I/O Modules, Loop resiliency and SES Modules

Number of RAID Controllers


Host/Device Data Burst Rate

One or Two Gbit full duplex

Number of Host Channels

One or Two

Number of Device Channels

One or Two

Bus Configurations

Dual independent FC loops

Backplane Design

Passive single backplane

Error Notification

Enclosure services via in-band SES, LEDs, audible alarms, FRU revision and serial number reporting, events reported to Storage Examiner

Number of Drive Bays


Drive Types

3.5" form factor, 1.0" height

Drive Capacity

300GB 10K rpm FC
146GB 10K rpm FC
73GB 10K rpm FC

146GB 15K rpm FC
73GB 15K rpm FC
36GB 15K rpm FC

Maximum Capacity per Enclosure


Advanced RAID Features


Input Voltage

85 264 VAC (autoranging)

Input Current

100-240 VAC @10-5 A

Input Frequency



H- 5.22 inches W- 17.5 inches D- 20 inches


60Lbs (with drives)