Adaptec FS4100 JBOD
The Adaptec FS4100 Fibre to SATA JBOD delivers high performance, scalability, and flexibility to the midrange storage market combining the performance and connectivity benefits of Fibre Channel with the cost advantages of SATA drives. This high density JBOD is designed for DAS or SAN configurations and is an ideal solution for applications that require a combination of affordability, bandwidth, greater fault tolerance, additional availability, and easy scalability.
Small Image of Adaptec FS4100 JBOD
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Bios Updates and Other Downloads


Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows XP

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux 7
Red Hat Linux 8

SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux 7
SuSE Linux 8

Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
RedHat Linux 8.0 (2.4 Kernel)
  No single point of failure with redundant, hot-swappable components and a passive midplane. RAID controllers mask the drives’ SATA characteristics, presenting them to the host as high performance FC devices.
Key Differentiators
  Combined performance and connectivity benefits of Fibre Channel with the cost advantages of SATA drives. Passive, 3Gbit-ready, midplane.
Customer Needs
  Cost-effective, performance, and flexibility for the midrange storage market
System Environment
  Adaptec Storage Examiner management GUI under Windows, Linux.
  Up to 12 drives (3 TB) capacity per 2U enclosure, with a total maximum of 96 drives (38 TB) capacity per subsystem
Network or Host Interface
  • One or two Fibre Channel controllers; each controller supports up to four optical or copper (SFP) connections, 200 MB/s each (800 MB/s total)
  • Ports can be used for host connections or as a combination of host connection and expansion
  • Serial (RS232) port
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 350 MByte/sec
Package Contents
  • Storage enclosure with either one or two controllers
  • Quick Install Guide
  • CD containing Adaptec Storage Examiner management software and user documentation
  • (Disk drives sold separately)
3-year warranty on subsystems (3 year warranty on SATA disk drives)

Disk drive interface

Independent 150 MB/s point-to-point connections to each SATA disk drive with dual port access and failover by each controller to each drive

Measured performance

Up to 350 MB/s (sustained reads)

Intelligent Controller specifications

  • PowerPC 440 400 MHz RISC processor
  • 128MB memory per controller
  • ECC memory support

Controller features

  • Dual active with automatic, transparent failover/failback
  • Auto-negotiate speeds
  • In-band and out-of-band management
  • Replacement controller reflashes FW to match peer controller
  • F_port and FL_port support
  • Dedicated controller-to-controller communication path

Hot-Swap and redundant components

  • Up to two controllers
  • Two independent AC power inlets
  • Two advanced power and cooling modules (APC)
  • Enclosure services module (hot-swappable, not redundant)
  • Up to 12 drives
  • No active components on data path

Maximum cable lengths

Optical: Up to 25 meters
Copper:Up to 6 meters

Pedestal cabinet dimensions

19.5in H x 4.6in W x 21.5in D (49.53cm H x 11.7cm W x 54.6cm D) Weight with drives: 60 lbs (27 kg) max

Rackmount enclosure dimensions

3.5in H x 17.6in W x 19.5in D (8.9cm H x 44.7cm W x 49.53cm D) Weight with drives: 60 lbs (27 kg) max


Temperature, advanced power and cooling modules including fan speed control, disk drives, and I/O module(s)

Failure notification

SCSI enclosure services (SES) over I2C physical interface, LEDs, audible alarms, FRU (field replaceable unit) revision and serial number reporting, events reported to Adaptec Storage Examiner software

Disk Drives

400GB 7200 rpm SATA
250GB 7200 rpm SATA

AC Power

Input voltage: Autoranging, 85-264 VAC
Input frequency: 47-63 Hz
Power factor correction: Per EN61000-3-2
Input current: 100-240 VAC @ 4-2.5 A
Output power: 491 W peak, 430 W average

Operating temperature

0° to 40° C

Temperature gradient

20° C per hour

Relative humidity

5 to 95 percent (non-condensing)


-200 to 10,000 feet

Shock tolerance

5G @ 11 ms, 1/2 sne wave pulse

Vibration tolerance

0.2G @ 5 Hz to 350 Hz

Electromagnetic emissions standards

CE Mark, EN55022 Class A, EN61000 Class A, FCC Class A, Canadian DOC Class A, VCCI Class A

Safety standards

UL 1950, CSA 22.2-950, EN 60950

Quality standards

Manufactured under an ISO 9002 registered quality system