SANbloc 1Gb JBOD
The SANbloc 1Gb JBOD provides a highly flexible JBOD storage solution that evolves to meet your changing needs. Based on a modular, building block enclosure design, the SANbloc 1Gb JBOD offers exceptional scalability. Each enclosure supports up to 14 disk drives in a dense 3U form factor. As your storage needs grow, simply add SANbloc enclosures dynamically up to a total of 8 enclosures. The SANbloc 1Gb JBOD can be scaled in multiple dimensions, enabling flexible configuration of capacity, performance and functionality, to match and grow with virtually any application or IT environment. The 1Gb JBOD can be upgraded to RAID with the swap of a module, protecting your investment. Fibre channel connectivity provides simplified cabling and extremelyhigh bandwidth, for outstanding performance in demanding applications.

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Product Documentation
SANbloc Rail Kit Installation Guide (PDF 963 KB)
Adaptec Storage Examiner User Guide ver2.3 (PDF 994 KB)