Ultra160 in Netware 3.x

Note: The Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 uses the same driver, and the same procedure for installation.

  1. Create the DOS partition and/or install DOS from the Setup diskette.
  2. Install "CD-ROM drivers on a DOS bootable diskette or hard disk drive as described in ReadDOS.HTM on the driver diskette.
  3. Start the Novell NetWare 3.12 installation
  4. After Novell NetWare installs the DOS portion of the software, DOWN and EXIT to DOS from the server prompt.
  5. Copy the ADPT160m.HAM and ADPT160m.DDI from the Ultra 160 Family Manager Set NetWare directory to the C:\server.312 directory.
  6. You may also choose to download the file U160 Driver Disk 4.
  7. Obtain the NWPA_UP.EXE patch from the Novell Web site at
  8. Change directory to c:\server.312, and copy the patch file NWPA_UP.EXE to the directory.
  9. Execute NWPA_UP.EXE (note: this will create another file, 312PTD.EXE. Answer 'Y' to the prompt to overwrite CDROM.NLM.)
  10. Execute 312PTD.EXE.
  11. Create the directory c:\server.312\CDSAVE
  12. Copy CDROM.NLM to c:\server.312\CDSAVE
  13. Update the server with the following commands, from the DOS prompt:
  14. Start Server.EXE. Type in your server name and IPX address
  15. From the console prompt, type:
    load c:\server.312\312PTD\native\start\npapatch
    load c:\server.312\mmattrfx
    load c:\server.312\nbi31x
    load c:\server.312\ADPT160m
    load c:\server.312\ADPT160m
    (The driver must be loaded for each channel on the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160. The Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 is a single channel card, so the driver only needs to be loaded once.)
  16. Note the slot number detected for the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160. This will be added to the Startup.ncf load ADPT160m statement to automate driver load using the parameter SLOT=x (x is the detected slot number).
  17. Load Install. Create the Novell NetWare partition, SYS volume, and mount the volume. Complete the installation of the System and Public Files.
  18. Create the Autoexec.NCF file. Add the following lines and save:
    load after311
    (if the CD-ROM is EIDE/ATAPI, add the following lines)
    search add 1 c:\server.312\cdsave
    load cdrom
  19. Create the Startup.NCF file. Edit the ADPT160m command lines to add the slot number. Delete the MEM and INT parameters in the command line.
    load c:\server.312\ADPT160m Slot=2
  20. Load, from the console prompt, the following command
    load c:\server.312\312PTD\patch312
  21. Install the patches from the c:\server.312\312PTD directory when prompted for a path.
  22. DOWN and EXIT the server
  23. Run Server.EXE
  24. Install recommended/required updates from Novell.
Installation of the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 for Novell NetWare is complete.