39160 in Netware 3.x

Note: The Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 uses the same driver, and the same procedure for installation.

  1. Download NWPA_UP.exe from the Novell website at
  2. Copy NWPA_UP.EXE to a TEMP directory on your local drive.
  3. Change to that directory.
  4. Execute NWPA_UP.EXE from the same directory. This will extract the Novell NWPA updates to this directory. It will also extract a file called 312PTD.EXE. This is the Revision "D" patch kit for Novell NetWare 3.1x. Follow the directions in the 312PTD.txt for installation instructions. (Note: If this patch has not been installed properly, the server may ABEND while attempting to load the U2W driver.)
  5. Update the SERVER.EXE file with the following command at the DOS prompt : 'TEMP'directory\native\loader\lswap loader.exe
  6. After the "D" patch has been installed, move the files (except the 312PTD subdirectory) that were extracted from the NWPA_UP.exe file into the SERVER.312 directory.
  7. The previous installation steps are required for proper operation of the ADPT160m.HAM driver. If you experience problems installing or updating your Server, please contact Novell for Technical Support information.
  8. Copy the ADPT160m.HAM and ADPT160m.DDI file to the c:\Server.312 directory from the Ultra160 Family Manager Set NetWare directory.
  9. Load INSTALL - SYSTEM OPTIONS - EDIT STARTUP.NCF. Add the Load ADPT160m.HAM statement twice to support the dual channel adapter. (NOTE: The following is a recommendation for loading Disk controller drivers in Novell NetWare 3.1x, otherwise volumes may not mount due to memory constraints.)
  10. Locating the AUTOEXEC.NCF on the C: or A: Device
    This recommendation applies whenever more than 16 MB of RAM is required to mount all of the Novell NetWare volumes. The AUTOEXEC.NCF must be on the C: (DOS) partition if it exists, or the A: (floppy diskette) drive if the machine boots from floppy diskette. The reason for this requirement is to avoid mounting volume SYS before memory is registered. The register memory command must be in the AUTOEXEC.NCF. If the AUTOEXEC.NCF is on the Novell NetWare SYS volume then SYS will be mounted before the register memory command is executed, a situation that should be avoided.
    If SYS mounts before memory above 16 MB is registered, then all subsequent volumes will mount in memory below volume SYS. For configurations which require more than 16 MB, the message "cache memory allocator out of available memory" will appear and at least one volume will fail to mount. In these cases, the memory above 16 MB never gets used to mount volumes.
    The Recommended Work-Around
    The following is recommended to avoid the above-mentioned problems:
    In the STARTUP.NCF:
    set auto register memory above 16 megebytes=off
    set reserved buffers below 16 meg=200
    (for application purposes)
    set (any other applicable commands required in the STARTUP.NCF) In the AUTOEXEC.NCF:
    (Must be on the C: or A: device. Delete or rename autoexec.ncf
    on the Novell NetWare SYS: volume.) file server name (servername)
    ipx internal net (address)
    load (disk driver) int=(interrupt)
    load (disk driver) slot=(slot #)
    register memory 1000000 (memory above 16 MB)
    mount (volumes)
    load (Any other applicable NLMs)
    set (applicable parameters) Now the AUTOEXEC.NCF may reside on the Novell NetWare partition.
  11. Reboot the server. Note: Notice the slot number prompt of the ADPT160m. Edit the STARTUP.NCF file Load ADPT160m commands with the parameter slot=x (x is the number of the PCI slot the card is in) for each command line to autoload the driver. The Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 will have two load commands, one for each channel, while the Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 will only use one load command.
  12. Installation of the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 card is complete.
If you see ABENDS occur when you load the ADPT160m driver, verify that you are loading AFTER311.NLM (in some cases) and also that the SERVER.EXE has been updated by the LSWAP program.