CDROM in DOS for U160 SCSI

This utility will assist you creating a bootable diskette which will include drivers for your SCSI Host Adapter and SCSI CD-ROM drive.

  • Create a bootable diskette using the following DOS command:


  • In Windows 95/98 right-click on the floppy-disk drive letter displayed under My Computer and choose "Format". Verify that the "Copy System Files" checkbox is selected.
  • Download the fileU160DOS.EXE from and save it to your desktop.
  • After downloading, execute (double-click) the file "u160dos.exe" As a result, several files will be decompressed. Select your floppy diskette as the destination of this decompression.
  • Copy the file named MSCDEX.EXE to the diskette. This file is part of the Operating System. In Windows 95/98 it can be found in the \windows\command directory. Under MS-DOS it can be found in the \dos directory.
  • Create a blank text file using Notepad or Edit and paste the lines listed below in it. Save the file as A:\CONFIG.SYS.
  • Create another blank text file using Notepad and paste the lines listed below in it.Save the file as A:\AUTOEXEC.BAT
  • Leave the diskette inserted in the floppy drive and restart the computer. The CD-ROM drive will get assigned the next drive letter available. If the computer does not boot from the diskette, check your CMOS Setup to verify that the computer is "configured to boot from the floppy drive first" instead of booting from the hard drive first.