Simple Step-by-Step Tips for Installing Your Adaptec PCI Card

Congratulations on your Adaptec purchase! On this page we're going to help you get your new Adaptec PCI card installed. In just a few easy steps you'll be up and running. The process is rather straight forward and should be no trouble for you even if you've never opened your computer.
Find a clean dry place and let's get started. You may want to view the demonstration video a few times before trying it yourself as it will get you acquainted with the process and what to expect

First, turn off your computer power, unplug it from the wall and refer to your user's manual for instructions on how to open the back of your computer.
Remove the card from its protective sleeve, being careful to hold the card by brackets only, and not to touch the gold connectors on the bottom edge of the card.
Make sure to touch a bare metal surface on the back of the computer, ensuring that you are static free and
Next, locate the PCI expansion card bracket. This is where you will install the card.
Remove the screw that attaches the expansion card bracket to the case, then remove the bracket.
Take the card and line up the gold connectors with the PCI slot, ensuring that the ports and the bracket are facing the back of the computer.
Now, press the card into the slot, making sure that you push evenly on both edges until the card is firmly seated. You can slightly see-saw the card end-to-end as you work it into the slot, but do not bend the card sideways. When the card is correctly installed, it will “click” into place.
Secure the card to the computer case with the screw you removed earlier. The bracket should now fit snugly to the outside of the case.

That's it! You have successfully installed your Adaptec PCI card. Once you've closed up the computer case, please refer to your software instructions manual on how to install your software. Enjoy, and thank you for your Adaptec purchase.