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Performing a Netware 4.01 or 4.0 installation from CD-ROM

Installing Novell Netware 4.0,4.01 with a CD-ROM on same Host adapter. (This document provides a solution to the installation of Novell 4.0x hanging prior to a successful completion).

  1. Install EZ-Scsi (this will assign a drive letter for the CD-ROM. In this example the CD-ROM is Drive D: and the host adapter is the AHA-1540 series). If you do not have EZ-Scsi, download DOSDRVR.EXE
  2. change to D:
  3. CD \NETWARE.40\ENGLISH <enter>
  4. type install <enter>
  5. Load Disk Driver Screen
  6. select ASPITRAN.DSK <enter>
  7. Load another (different) driver
  8. select AHA1540.DSK <enter> (or the appropriate driver for your card)
  9. Continue with installation
  10. at the Copy Netware Files Screen press ALT-F10
  11. Exit and Reboot
  12. change directory to c:\server.40
  13. For Novell 4.0 ONLY: COPY D:\NETWARE.40\________\C_03C\CDROM.NLM (8 underscores) (For Novell 4.01 proceed to the next step).
  14. For Netware 4.01 ONLY: COPY D:\NETWARE.40\________\BC\CDROM.NLM (8 underscores)
  15. copy D:\NETWARE.40\________\DISKDRV\ASPICD.DSK
  16. rename config.sys to config.old
  17. remove MSCDEX from the autoexec.bat file and reboot
  18. change directory to c:\server.40
  19. server -na
  20. load c:\server.40\aha1540
  21. mount sys
  22. load c:\server.40\aspicd
  23. load c:\server.40\cdrom
  24. cd device list
  25. cd mount 1 netware_40
  26. wait ...
  27. load c:\server.40\install
  28. select install a new v4.00 server
  29. F3 (to select the directory path)
  30. Netware_40:\Netware.40\english or
  31. Netware_40:\Netware.40\english\_______ (8 underscores)
  32. F10 (to continue)