Adaptec SCSI Card 2904CD
Intended for the European market, the 2904CD allows connection of SCSI-2 or Fast SCSI-2 devices.
Small Image of Adaptec SCSI Card 2904CD
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Microsoft DOS
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows 3.1x
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Microsoft Windows 95
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Microsoft Windows Millennium
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Microsoft Windows Server 2008
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Product Documentation
AVA-2904/AVA-2904E Overview (PDF 79 KB)
Number of devices
Up to 7 devices

Bus System Interface Type

PCI local bus
External Connectors
50-pin high density
Internal Connectors
50-pin, flat ribbon
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 10 MB/sec (synchronous, on the SCSI bus)

Supported Protocols

8-bit, Fast SCSI-2

Advanced SCSI features

tagged queuing
SCSI termination power-down control
parity handling
active negation

Electrical Terminations

Single-ended and active

Board Dimensions

2.57" x 4.75"

Power Consumption

5.0V +/- 0.25 at 2.0A maximum

Operating Characteristics

32 F to 131 F(0 C to 55 C)10% to 95% non-condensing Relative humidity