Adaptec - Adaptec Storage Enclosure 335SAS
Adaptec Storage Enclosure 335SAS
The Adaptec Storage Enclosure 335SAS is an internal hot-swap disk drive enclosure for up to four Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Serial ATA (SATA), or Serial ATA II (SATA II) hard disk drives. It occupies three half-height 5.25" slots in a server or workstation chassis and supports low profile 3.5" hard disk drives. Available in both beige and black, the Adaptec 335SAS supports drive data transfer rates up to 3 Gb/s while still supporting legacy 1.5 Gb/s SATA drives.
Small Image of Adaptec Storage Enclosure 335SAS
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  High-performance storage connectivity and data protection for servers and workstations
Customer Needs
  Ideal for server and workgroup applications where intelligent hard disk drive management, monitoring, failure indication, and hot-swap capabilities are required.
System Environment
  Departmental and workgroup servers and workstations
Number of devices
Up to four hot-swap Serial Attached SCSI or Serial ATA or Serial ATA II disk drives
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 3 Gb/s per drive bay
Package Contents
  • Adaptec 335 Storage Enclosure chassis
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Cables Included:
    • 1 I2C cable for enclosure management (SATA controller only)
    • 1 LED cable to support drive activity signals (SATA controller only)
    • 1 x4 to x4 internal SAS cable
    • 1 x4 SAS to SATA fanout cable (to connect from Enclosure to a SATA controller)
3 years

Physical Dimensions

Height - 5 inches
Width - 5.8 inches
Depth - 7 inches (w/o fan)

Device Support

Up to four hot-swap Serial Attached SCSI or Serial ATA or Serial ATA II disk drives