Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3154-24i
12 Gbps PCIe Gen3 SAS/SATA SmartRAID adapter with 24 internal native ports and LP/MD2 form factor
Small Image of Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3154-24i
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User and Install Guides
Microsemi Adaptec ASCM-35F - Installation Guide 10/2017 (PDF 402MB)
Microsemi Adaptec Smart HBA & RAID - Installation And User's Guide 8/2019 (PDF 2.8 MB)
ARCCONF Command Line User's Guide v3.00.23484 (PDF 775MB)
maxView Storage Manager v3.02.23600 - User's Guide (PDF 6.8KB)
Microsemi Adaptec Cooling & Airflow Guide (PDF 169KB)
Event Monitor v3.02.23600 - User's Guide (PDF 1.3KB)
Adaptec OpenStack Horizon Plugin - Installation And User's Guide 2/2019 (PDF 908KB)
Adaptec MAAS Script and Remote ARCCONF JUJU Charm v1.00-09 - User's Guide (PDF 1.1MB)
Adaptec SmartRAID Multilingual Quick Start Guide 11/2018 (PDF 5.9 MB)
maxView Storage Manager & ARCCONF Command Line Utility v3.02.23600 - ReadMe (PDF 1MB)
Release Notes
Microsemi Adaptec Smart HBA & RAID - Release Notes 8/2019 (PDF 1.2MB)
Adaptec Software Defined Data Center - Release Notes 2/2019

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Operating System
Microsoft Windows
Red Hat Linux
SUSE Linux
Debian Linux
Ubuntu Linux
VMware ESXi
Citrix XenServer

For a detailed list see ASK Answer ID 17449.
CPU Architecture
Intel, AMD, Cavium ThunderX2 (ARM)
• Ideal for enabling 12 Gbps storage capabilities in performance-hungry server and workstation platforms, without compromising proven Microsemi reliability
• Provides high I/O transaction and high bandwidth processing solutions that reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs
• Accelerates storage with up to 4 GB of highspeed DRAM cache with integrated cache protection (SmartRAID 315x SKUs only)
Key RAID Features
• maxCache 4.0 caching software (all SmartRAID 315x products with cache protection)
• Mixed mode allows devices connected to the same adapter to be used in RAID and HBA modes simultaneously
• Adapter dynamic power management to save up to 30% power
• Supports up to 256 SAS or SATA devices using SAS expanders
•  Support for native 4K sector SAS and SATA devices in addition to 512-byte sector devices
• RAID ADM through triple mirroring, move array, and split mirroring
• Quick initialization
• Online capacity expansion
• Copyback hot spare
• Dynamic caching algorithm
• Native command queuing (NCQ)
• Background initialization
• Hot-plug drive support
• RAID level migration
• Hot spares—global, dedicated, and pooled
• Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares
• SES and SGPIO enclosure management
• Configurable stripe size
• S.M.A.R.T. support
• BMC support
• Dynamic sector repair
• Staggered drive spin-up
• Bootable array support
• Support for tape devices, autoloaders
• Smart PQI driver with multip queue and MSI-X support for all device drivers for all supported operating systems
• Secure boot support for the uEFI host BIOS
• USB image available on to boot maxView GUI from any USB device for enhanced GUI-based setup and offline maintenance
Management Utilities
maxView Storage Manager
• Web based GUI Management utility
• OS Support: Windows, Linux, VMware
• Remote configuration, monitoring & notification
• Remote firmware updates
• SMI-S Support

• Command-line interface

BIOS Configuration Utility (CTRL+A)
• Legacy configuration utility
• Flashable BIOS support

uEFI BIOS Configuration Utility
• Flashable BIOS support
• HII GUI support

ROM-based uEFI BIOS Configuration Utilities
• HII-based pre-boot GUI configuration utility
• Arcconf CLI for uEFI shell
• Flashable BIOS support
Data Transfer Rate
12 Gbps per port
Bus System Interface
8-lane PCIe Gen3
Form Factor
MD2 – Low Profile
4 GB DDR4/2100 MHz
Connector Configuration
Six internal mini SAS HD (SFF-8643)
Package Contents
• SmartRAID 3154-24i adapter
• Additional low profile vented bracket
Physical Size
2.535"H x 6.6"L (64mm x 167mm)
Operating Temperature
0 °C to 55 °C with 250 LFM airflow.
Note: This adapter contains a powerful RAID processor that requires adequate airflow to operate reliably. Only install this card into server or PC chassis with at least 250 LFM airflow. Temperature measured 1 inch from RAID adapter.
Regulatory Certification
Environmental Compliance
Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)
1.7 million hours at 40°C
3 years