ICP vortex ICP9024RO
ICP9024RO is the new generation of ICP Ultra320 SCSI RAID Controllers with Ultra320 SCSI PCI-X interface. Therefore both controllers offer improved performance within servers and workstations. ICP9024RO is the version with two SCSI channels.
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Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows
Novell NetWare
Red Hat Linux
SuSE Linux
SCO Openserver
SCO UnixWare

For a detailed list see ASK Answer ID 15320
  Low-profile PCI-X MD2 design ideal high-density server & workstation solution, 64-bit/133 MHz
Key Differentiators
  • Optimized Disk Utilization
  • RAID Level Migration
  • Online capacity expansion
  • Background initialization (for immediate RAID availability)
  • S.M.A.R.T. and SAF-TE support
  • Hot-swap disk drive support for easy replacement
  • Hot-spare disk support with automatic rebuild
  • Supports bootable arrays
  • SNMP support
  • Integrated RAID on Chip - maximizing Ultra320 performance on each channel
  • Customer Needs
      Ideal for entry-level to mid-range and high density servers and workstations servers requiring up to 30 disk drives
    System Environment
      Entry-level SCSI servers and workstations, pedestal and rackmount
    Cache Memory

    256 MByte embedded DDR memory

    RAID Levels
    0, 1, 10, 5, 50, JBOD
    Key RAID Features
    • Optimized disk utilization
    • Online RAID Level Migration
    • Online Capacity Expansion
    • Background initialization
    • S.M.A.R.T and SAF-TE support
    • SNMP support
    Number of devices
    Up to 30 SCSI devices (15 per channel)

    Bus System Interface Type

    64-bit/133MHz PCI-X, or 3.3 volt only PCI
    External Connectors
    Two 68-pin VHDCI
    Internal Connectors
    Two 68-pin high-density
    Data Transfer Rate
    Up to 640 MByte/sec (across 2 channels)
    System Requirements
    Available 3.3 volt PCI-X slot
    Package Contents
    • ICP9024RO card
    • Low-profile bracket (in addition to the full-size bracket attached to the controller)
    • Quick Install Guide
    • RAID Installation CD (bootable) including drivers and documentation
    • ICP Storage Manager™ Installation CD including management software and documentation
    3 years
    Optional battery backup: ABM-400 (order number 2122700)

    Board Dimensions

    Low-profile card
    2.5in H x 6.6in L
    6.4cm H x 16.8cm L

    Power Requirements

    4 amps @ +5V

    Operating Temperature

    0° to 50° C