Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A
This 32-bit PCI ATA/100 RAID card supports up to 4 drives, with transfer rates up to 100 MB per second per channel over 4 channels. Ships with a 32 MB Cache Memory Module (expandable to 128 MB). Supports JBOD, and RAID Levels 0, 1, 0/1, and 5
Small Image of Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A
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  Ideal for entry-level servers requiring up to four ATA/100 or ATA/66 disk drives
Key Differentiators
  Affordable, full featured
Customer Needs
  Ideal for entry-level servers and workstations with up to four ATA/100 or ATA/66 disk drives
System Environment
Number of devices
Up to 4 ATA 66/100 disk drives; 48-bit LBA supports drive sizes larger than 137GB

Bus System Interface Type

32-bit PCI
External Connectors
Internal Connectors
Four 40-pin connectors
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 100 MB/sec per channel
System Requirements
  • Intel PC or equivalent
  • Available PCI slot
Package Contents
  • Adaptec ATA RAID 2400A card
  • CD including Storage Management Software
  • Online Documentation
  • Drivers
  • Installation and User's Guide
  • Four 40-pin, 80-wire ATA/100 cables
3 years
Supports RAID 0, 1, 0/1, 5, JBOD
32 MB SDRAM Cache Memory (expandable to 128 MB)

Board Dimensions

12.08" length x 4.00" height or 30.68 cm length x 10.16 cm height

Power Consumption

0.15 Amps @ 5V