Installing on a Windows Guest OS

To install ARCCONF on a Windows Guest OS running on VMware or Citrix XenServer:
  1. On the VMware or XenServer guest OS, change to the directory where the Guest OS installer package is located (see Downloading the Installer Package for details).
  2. Double-click the setup program for your operating system:
    Option Description
    Windows GOS 64-bit setup_maxview_gos_x64.exe (VMware only)
    Windows GOS 32-bit setup_maxview_gos_x86.exe
    The Installation wizard opens.
  3. Choose the hypervisor type (ESXi Server or XenServer), then click Next.
  4. Enter the following configuration details:
    1. Host IP Address (ESXi or XenServer host)
    2. Web Server Port: 8443
    3. Host user name (default: root)
    4. Operating system password/password confirmation
  5. Click Next, then click Install.

When the installation is complete you receive a confirmation message.