Installing on a Linux Guest OS

To install ARCCONF on a Linux Guest OS running on VMware or Citrix XenServer:
  1. On the VMware or XenServer Guest OS, change to the directory where the Linux installer package is located (see Downloading the Installer Package for details).
  2. Run the installer for your operating system version.
    Option Description
    Linux GOS 64-bit ./Storman-1.06.GOS86_64.bin (VMware only)
    Linux GOS 32-bit ./Storman-1.06.GOS32.bin
  3. At the prompt, choose the GOS type. Enter 1 for ESXi, 2 for XenServer:

    Select the GOS Type. 1.ESXi Server 2.XenServer:

  4. Enter the following configuration details:

    Hypervisor IP address

    Hypervisor username [default: root]

    Hypervisor password

    Event Listener Port [default: 65500]

When the installation is complete you receive a confirmation message.