Optimizing the Structure of Your Storage Space

This section explains how to use Adaptec maxCache™ and maxCache Plus™ to optimize the structure of your server storage. It describes how to organize storage resources to leverage the performance capabilities of the Solid State Drives and other fast storage media in your system; create virtual pools of media with similar performance characteristics; and provision tiered volumes comprised of pools with different tier levels.

Note: maxCache is supported on Adaptec Series Q controllers. maxCache Plus is supported on qualifying Adaptec Series Q controllers only (see the Readme for a complete list). Once a qualifying Series Q controller is detected in your system, you can use maxCache Plus to organize storage on any other Adaptec controller. For more information about Adaptec maxCache technology, visit the Adaptec Web site at www.adpatec.com. For information about the maxCache Plus command line utility, see Using the maxConf Command Line Utility.

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