maxCache vs. maxCache Plus 

maxCache and maxCache Plus both support SSD read and write caching. Tiering, however, is supported by maxCache Plus only. Whereas maxCache is limited to the resources connected to a single Adaptec Series Q controller, maxCache Plus utilizes the resources on all of your Adaptec controllers (Series 6/7/8, Q, non-Q), select 3rd party controllers or HBAs, motherboard chipset storage, and PCIe devices, such as PCIe flash.

Note: For supported third-party controllers and storage devices, contact Adaptec Support.

For local storage connected directly to your Adaptec controller, maxCache uses a reserved logical drive comprised of SSDs only to support read and write caching for all logical drives on that controller. This logical drive is called the maxCache Container (see Adding maxCache to Local Storage for more). By contrast, maxCache Plus uses a virtual pool of SSDs (or other fast media) to support read and write caching on a designated logical drive or virtual volume, anywhere in your storage space.

Note: You cannot use an SSD concurrently in a maxCache Container and maxCache Plus virtual volume. When you create a maxCache Container, the member SSDs are hidden from the maxCache Plus filter driver.

Finally, due to its implementation as a filter driver and ability to use storage resources across your system, maxCache Plus typically offers improved throughput, lower latency, and greater scalability than maxCache.

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