Icons At-a-Glance

The following is a complete list of icons used in maxView Storage Manager. It contains the icons on the ribbon, in the Enterprise View and on tabs and dialog boxes.

See Overview of the Main Window for more information.

Ribbon Home Icons

Icon Description
Remote system add
Remote system delete

Ribbon System Icons

Icon Description
System settings
Firmware update
Save archive file

Ribbon Controller Icons

Icon Description
Controller settings
Save configuration
Restore configuration
Controller rescan
Silence alarm
Clear configuration

Ribbon Logical Device Icons

Icon Description
Logical disk settings
Logical disk create
Logical disk expand
Logical disk verify
Logical disk locate
Logical disk delete
Logical disk erase

Ribbon Physical Device Icons

Icon Description
Physical disk properties
Assign/unassign physical disk as spare
Force physical disk offline
Physical disk initialization
Physical disk verify
Physical disk secure erase
Physical disk locate

Ribbon maxCache Icons

Icon Description
maxCache container create
maxCache set properties
maxCache container locate
maxCache container verify
maxCache container delete
maxCache container disable

Ribbon Virtual Pool Icons (maxCache Plus)

Icon Description
Virtual pool create
Virtual pool set properties
Virtual pool delete

Ribbon Virtual Volume Icons (maxCache Plus)

Icon Description
Virtual volume create
Virtual volume set properties
Virtual volume delete

Enterprise View Icons

Icon Description
Enterprise View
Local or remote system
Logical disk
Logical disks
Physical disk
Hard disk drive
Solid State drive
Physical disks
Connector or other physical device

Enterprise View Status Icons

Icon Description
Enterprise OK
Enterprise error
Enterprise no access
Enterprise warning

Enterprise View System Icons

Icon Description
System OK
System error
System missing
System no access
System warning

Enterprise View Connector Icons

Icon Description
Connector OK
Connector failed
Connector missing
Connector warning

Enterprise View Controller Icons

Icon Description
Controller OK
Controller failed
Controller missing
Controller warning

Enterprise View Enclosure Icons

Icon Description
Enclosure Management OK
Enclosure Management failed
Enclosure missing
Enclosure Management warning

Enterprise View Physical Disk Icons

Icon Description
Physical disk OK
Physical disks OK
Physical disks failure
Physical disks missing
Physical disks warning

Enterprise View MaxCache Container Icons

Icon Description
maxCache container error
maxCache container missing
maxCache container OK
maxCache container warning

Tab Icons

Icon Description

Dialog Box Icons

Icon Description
E-mail notification

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