Verifying and Fixing a Disk Drive

When you verify a physical drive (HDD or SSD), maxView Storage Manager checks it for inconsistent or bad data and then fixes any problems it finds. (You can also choose to verify a physical drive without fixing it.) While maxView Storage Manager verifies and fixes a physical drive, you can't complete any other tasks on that drive. You can verify any drive in the Ready state.

To verify and fix a physical drive:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller, then select a physical drive on that controller.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Physical Device group, click Verify.

    The Verify Physical Device window opens.
  3. To repair inconsistent or bad data during verification, click Verify with fix. To verify the physical drive without fixing bad data, leave the checkbox blank.

  4. Click Verify.
    Do not power off the system while the verification is in progress. If you do, the verification will stop.

    When the verification is complete, an event notice is generated in the event log, at which time you can continue working with the drive.

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