Verifying Logical Drives

To ensure that there are no data problems on your logical drives, it is important to verify them. When you verify a logical drive, maxView Storage Manager checks it for inconsistent or bad data and then fixes any problems. (You can also choose to verify a logical drive without fixing it.)

Logical drives without redundancy (for instance, RAID 0 logical drives) do not need to be verified.

In maxView Storage Manager, logical drive verification can occur in different ways, depending on your controller:

To see if your controller supports background consistency check, select the controller in the Enterprise View then, on the Storage Dashboard, click Properties. To enable or disable background consistency check or to set the checking period, see Enabling/Disabling Background Consistency Check.

If your controller doesn't support background consistency check, we highly recommend that you verify your logical drives weekly, following the instructions in Verifying and Fixing a Logical Drive.

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