Unnitializing Disk Drives

You can use maxView Storage Manager to uninitialize any disk drive (or SSD) in the Ready or Raw state. (In other words, the drive is not part of any logical device.) Uninitializing a disk drive clears Adaptec meta-data and reserved space from the drive and removes any OS partitions; existing data on the drive is destroyed.

Note: Uninitialized drives change from their current state to the Raw state. Raw drives are compatible with any Host Bus Adapter (HBA), including Adaptec RAID controllers operating in Auto-Volume or HBA mode, and can be exchanged with drives on the motherboard's SATA interface. For more information about Raw devices and controller modes, see the Adaptec RAID Controllers Installation and User's Guide.

To uninitialize a disk drive:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller then, in Physical Devices tree, select the disk drive you want to uninitialize.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Physical Device group, click Initialize.

    The Init/Uninit Physical Device window opens.
  3. Click the Uninitialize Physical Device button, then click OK.

    maxView Storage Manager uninitializes the device
  4. When prompted, click OK to close the Init/Uninit Physical Device window.

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