Tiers, Virtual Pools, and Virtual Volumes 

In maxCache Plus, a tier is a collection of storage media with distinct performance characteristics (RAID 5, RAID 10, SSD, SAS hard disk drive, etc). A virtual pool is a grouping of storage devices with similar performance characteristics. Each pool has a tier level based on the performance characteristics of the underlying media. Tier 0 is reserved for the highest performing media, such as an SSD pool; a RAID 5 pool, comprised of SAS hard drives, might be assigned to Tier level 1.

You can provision virtual volumes comprised of pools with different tier levels and create cached volumes, as described below. A virtual volume is exposed to the operating system by the maxCache Filter Driver. By default, the Filter Driver detects all underlying storage (logical drives, raw devices) and exposes the discovered resources to the OS as pass-through volumes.

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