The Enterprise View

The Enterprise View is an expandable “tree” that shows the physical and logical components of your storage space. The Enterprise View lists the local system (the system you're working on) and any remote systems that you have logged in to from the local system. (See ‘Local’ or ‘Remote’? for more information.) It also lists the maxCache devices in your system, including virtual volumes, virtual pools, and the maxCache Container.
Note: maxCache is supported on Adaptec Series Q controllers only. See Optimizing the Structure of Your Storage Space for more information about maxCache.

image/svg+xml Remote system maxCachedevices Local system

Expand a system in the Enterprise View to the see its controllers, logical drives (“devices”), physical drives, enclosures, and maxCache Container.

In the figure below, a controller is expanded in the Enterprise View, revealing the physical and logical devices associated with that controller.

image/svg+xml By selecting a controllerin the Enterprise View... ...the disk drives or enclosuresand disk drives connected to itand the logical drives created with those disk drives appear in the Physical and Logical Devices trees.

You can perform most tasks in maxView Storage Manager by selecting a component in the Enterprise View, such as a controller or disk drive, then using the related commands on the ribbon, described next.

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