Setting a Disk Drive to ‘Failed’

Before you can remove a disk drive, you should set it to the Failed state to protect your data. To fail a disk drive (or SSD), use the Force Offline option for physical devices.

You can set a disk drive to the Failed state if:
  • The disk drive is not part of a logical drive, or
  • The disk drive is part of a redundant, healthy logical drive
You may lose data or damage your disk drive if you remove a disk drive without first setting it to a failed state.

To set a disk drive to Failed:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller then, in the Physical Devices tree, select the drive you want to set to Failed.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Physical Devices group, click Force Offline.

    The Force Offline window opens.
  3. Click Force.

    The drive is taken offline and set to the Failed state.

    Note: If the drive is part of a healthy logical drive, the drive is degraded and a warning message is displayed in the Event Log.

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