Scheduling a Task

If a task is lengthy and limits access to components in your storage space, you may want to set a date and time for the task to start, instead of running the task while there is activity in your storage space.

If a task must be performed regularly, you can schedule it to recur at preset times.

You can schedule these tasks in maxView Storage Manager:

  • Expanding a logical drive
  • Changing a logical drive's RAID level
  • Modifying the stripe size of a logical drive (as part of an expansion or migration)
  • Verifying a logical drive
  • Verifying and fixing a logical drive

To schedule one of these tasks:

  1. Complete each step of the task until you are prompted to finish the task or schedule the task. (The actual label on the "finish" button varies, depending on the task type.) Do not click finish!

  2. Click Schedule.
    The schedule window opens.
    Note: The schedule window is the same for all tasks, except for the title text on the title bar.

  3. Set the time and date for the task to start. You can pick the date from the calendar or use the controls in the Start Date field to enter it directly. By default, the task starts "today".
    Note: If you are scheduling a task on a remote system located in another geographical area, remember that the time you set for the task is that system's time, which may be different from the local time. You will be prompted to select a new time if the one you've set occurs in the past on the remote system.
  4. Set the recurrence frequency from the drop-down menu, if the option is available for this task and you want it to occur regularly. You can set a task to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.
  5. Click OK.

    The task is saved and the scheduled task is added to the Task Log.

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