Revealing More Device Information

You can reveal more information about disk drive, logical drive, and maxCache device usage in your storage space with the Resources view on the Storage Dashboard.

To reveal disk drive usage by logical drive (and vice-versa), select a controller in the Enterprise View, then open the Resources tab on the Storage Dashboard. As shown in the figures below, you can click a logical drive to see its member disk drives or SSDs (including the maxCache Container); similarly, you can click a physical disk to see which (if any) logical drive it belongs to.

image/svg+xml Two disk drives plus ahot spare comprisethe selected logical drive

image/svg+xml The maxCache Container is comprised of three SSDs

To reveal logical device usage for maxCache Plus virtual pools and virtual volumes, select the maxCache Plus node in the Enterprise view, then open the Resources tab on the Storage Dashboard. You can click a virtual pool to see its member logical drives, or a virtual volume to see its virtual pool members. (See Optimizing the Structure of Your Storage Space for more about maxCache Plus.)

image/svg+xml The virtual pool is comprisedof one logical device.

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