Replacing Disk Drives in a Logical Drive

You can replace one or more disk drives in a logical drive. You may want to replace a drive to upgrade to larger disk drives, or to make disk drive size uniform across the logical drive.
If another disk drive in the logical drive fails during rebuild (see Rebuilding Logical Drives), you may lose data. For help solving disk drive problems, see Recovering from a Disk Drive Failure.

To replace a disk drive in a logical drive:

  1. In the Physical Devices tree in the Enterprise View, find the disk drive you want to replace; note its size and location (for instance Slot 1 in Enclosure 0).
  2. Set the drive state to failed. (See Setting a Disk Drive to ‘Failed’.)
  3. Remove and replace the disk drive with one of equal or greater size.
  4. Wait for the logical drive to rebuild. (See Rebuilding Logical Drives.)
  5. Repeat these steps for each disk drive you want to replace.

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