Monitoring Tasks

You can use the Task Log and Event Log—at the bottom of the maxView Storage Manager main window —to monitor your tasks. The information in each log is complementary, and helps you manage the scheduled and non-scheduled tasks in your system.

image/svg+xml Use the Task Log for general taskinformation, status, and progress Use the Event Log for information about running or non-recurring tasks

The Task Log displays all scheduled tasks in order of creation, and includes basic information about each task, and progress of running tasks. The Status column shows the current condition of each task:

The Event Log displays additional information about tasks, such as when a scheduled task is modified or deleted, or when a task did not complete successfully.

The Event Log uses icons to show the status of tasks:



Explanation and Solution


The task completed successfully. No action required.


The task missed its start time. Reschedule the task to clear the error, as described in Modifying a Task.


The task failed. Delete the task to clear the error. Schedule the task again, as described in Scheduling a Task.

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