Logging into Remote Systems from the Local System

Once maxView Storage Manager or the maxView Storage Manager Agent (see About the maxView Storage Manager Agent ) is running on all systems in your storage space, you can log into the remote systems from the local system.

Once you have logged in to a remote system, it automatically appears in the Enterprise View each time you start maxView Storage Manager on the local system. You can work with a remote system's controllers, disk drives, and logical drives as if they were part of your local system.

To log in to a remote system:

  1. On the ribbon, in the Home group, click Add System.

    The Add System window opens, showing a list of "discovered" systems; that is, systems on your network that are running the maxView Storage Manager Agent. 

  2. Select the systems you want to add to the Enterprise View, then enter the systems' login credentials (username/password) in the space provided.

    Note: You can add a system manually if you don't see the system in the list. For more information, see Manually Adding a Remote System .
  3. Click Add.

    maxView Storage Manager connects to the remote system(s) and adds them to the list of managed systems in the Enterprise View.

For more information about working with remote systems, see Managing Remote Systems.

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