Initializing Disk Drives

You can use maxView Storage Manager to initialize any disk drive (or SSD) in the Ready state. You may want to do this to erase all existing data and meta-data before using the disk drive in a new logical device or as a hot spare.

Do not initialize a disk drive that is part of a logical drive. Initializing a disk drive that's part of a logical drive may make the logical drive unusable. Be sure to back up all data from your disk drive before you initialize it.

To initialize a disk drive:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller then, in Physical Devices tree, select the disk drive you want to initialize.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Physical Device group, click Initialize.

    The Init/Uninit Physical Device window opens.
  3. Click the Initialize Physical Device button, then click OK.

    maxView Storage Manager begins the initialization.
  4. When prompted, click OK to close the Init/Uninit Physical Device window.

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