Gather Installation Information

Prepare the following information:
  • Administrator account user name and password for your operating system.
  • CIM Server port number. The default port is recommended (5988). If you want to use a different port, select any one between 65500 and 65535 and it will be assigned as the CIM Server http port for maxView Storage Manager installation. (The selected port must be free at installation time.) The installation will verify the availability of this port. There is no guarantee that any port number besides the default will work in the future as any other application can claim this port. For more information on the CIM Server, seeAbout the maxView Storage Manager CIM Server.
  • maxView Web Server port number. The default port is recommended (8443). If the default port is not available, another port number will be automatically assigned. For more information on the Web Server, see About the maxView Storage Manager Web Server.
Note: If a previous version of maxView Storage Manager is installed on your system, you must remove it before beginning a new installation. See Uninstalling maxView Storage Manager for details.

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