Failed Disk Drive Protected by a Hot Spare

If a disk drive in a logical drive fails and that logical drive is protected by a hot spare, the hot spare is automatically incorporated into the logical drive and takes over for the failed drive.

For example, if a disk drive fails in a RAID 5 logical drive, the logical drive is automatically rebuilt, with its data reconstructed using the hot spare in place of the failed drive. You can access the logical drive while it's rebuilding.

To recover from the failure:

  1. Remove and replace the failed disk drive, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. If copyback is not enabled—Remove the ‘hot spare’ designation from the original hot spare (the disk drive that was built into the logical drive). See Removing or Deleting a Dedicated Hot Spare. for instructions. Then, designate a new hot spare to protect the logical drives on that controller. If copyback is enabled—Data is automatically moved back to its original location once the controller detects that the failed drive has been replaced. No action is required. See Enabling Copyback for more information.

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