Using maxCache with Adaptec Series 6Q Controllers

Adaptec Series 6Q controllers support maxCache read caching only. On a Series 6Q controller with maxCache read caching enabled, the system copies frequently read "hot" data to an SSD cache pool, called the maxCache device. Unlike the maxCache Container, used for Adaptec Series 7Q, Series 8Q, and newer controllers, the maxCache device is simply a collection of SSDs used as fast read memory; it is not a logical device and is not displayed in the Enterprise view.

Use the following procedure to configure the maxCache device and to set its cache Flush and Fetch Rate. By default, maxCache read caching is enabled for a logical drive. To disable maxCache read caching, see Changing the maxCache settings for a Logical Drive.

To configure the maxCache device:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a system, then select an Adaptec Series 6Q controller on that system.
  2. On the ribbon, in the maxCache group, click Create maxCache

    The maxCache Device Configuration window opens.
  3. Select one or more SSDs in the Available SSD Drives list, then click right arrow.

    To remove a SSD from the cache, select one or more SSDs in the maxCache Device list, then click left arrow.
  4. Select the maxCache flush and fetch rate from the drop-down list: Low, Medium, High. (The default is Medium.)
  5. Click OK.

    maxView Storage Manager builds the maxCache Device. Use the Event Log and Task Log to track build progress.

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