Creating a Tiered Volume

When you create a Tiered Volume, you choose two pools with different tier levels: a fast "up-tier" pool, and a slower "down-tier" pool. Optionally, you can specify the tier level size. You can also "tune" the volume by specifying the fetch and flush rate.

To create a Tiered Volume:

  1. In the Enterprise View, open the maxCache Plus tree, then select the Virtual Volumes tree node.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Virtual Volume group, click Create Virtual Volume.

  3. When the wizard opens, ensure that Tiered is selected (the default), then click Next.

  4. In the Tiering Attributes panel, select the up-tier pool and down-tier pool from the drop-down lists.

  5. Customize the volume settings. You can:
    • Enter a name for the volume (up to 31 characters) and the volume description (up to 63 characters). Names can include any combination of letters and numbers, but cannot include spaces.
    • Adjust the volume size. By default, the volume size equals the total size of the up-tier pool and down-tier pool.
    • Adjust the size of each tier level by clicking on either the size or percent spinners. The total size remains the same.
    • Adjust the volume's fetch and flush rate. Valid values are: Aggressive, Normal, Passive
  6. Click Next, review the volume settings, then click Finish.

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