Setting Power Management Options for a Controller

The power management options for a controller affect all logical drives on that controller. You can choose a “stay awake” period during which disk drives on the controller always operate at their peak spin rate. You can also set the spin-up limits for the controller—the maximum number of drives that the controller may spin up at the same time..
Note: The stay awake period is relative to your local system time and time zone. To set the time zone for power management, you must use the controller BIOS utility. The time zone does not adjust automatically for daylight savings time. To compensate, you must adjust the stay awake period manually, either in the BIOS or with maxView Storage Manager. For more information, see the Adaptec RAID Controller Installation and User's Guide.

To set the stay awake period for the disk drives on a controller:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Controller group, click Set Properties.

    The Set Properties window opens.
  3. Click the Power Management tab.
  4. In the Stay Awake Period drop-down list, select Enabled.
    Note: If you enabled power management when you created the logical drive, this field is set to Enabled, by default.
  5. Enter the stay awake period start time and end time in 24-hour, hhmm, format; for example, 0900 for 9AM, 1400 for 2PM, and so on.

  6. Select the days of the week to enforce the stay awake period. On days that you do not select, the stay awake period is disabled and the spin rate is controlled by the logical drive's power timer settings (see Setting Power Management Options for a Logical Drive).
  7. Enter the maximum number of internal disk drives that the controller may spin-up at the same time. Then, enter the maximum number of external drives (drives in an enclosure) that the controller may spin-up at the same time.
  8. Click OK.

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