Changing the Write Cache Setting

The write cache setting determines when data is stored on a disk drive and when the controller communicates with the operating system. You can set the Write Cache to:
  • Disabled (write-through)—The controller sends (or writes) the data to a disk drive, then sends confirmation to the operating system that the data was received. Use this setting when performance is less important than data protection.
  • Enabled (write-back)—The controller sends confirmation to the operating system that the data was received, then writes the data to a disk drive. Use this setting when performance is more important than data protection and you aren't using a battery-backup cache or zero-maintenance cache protection module. Enabled is the default setting.
  • Enabled (write-back) when protected by battery/ZMM—Similar to Enabled (write-back), but used when the controller is protected by a zero-maintenance cache protection module. For more information about zero-maintenance cache protection, see the Adaptec RAID Controller Installation and User's Guide.
Note: (RAID 10, 50, and 60 only) All logical drives comprising a RAID 10/50/60 logical device must have the same write cache setting—either all write-through or all write-back.

To quickly change the write cache setting:

  1. In the Enterprise View, select a controller, then select a logical drive on that controller.
  2. On the ribbon, in the Logical Device group, click Set Properties.

    The Set Properties window opens.

  3. In the Write Cache drop-down list, select Enabled, Enabled when protected by battery/ZMM, or Disabled, as needed.
  4. Click OK.

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