Adding Caching and Tiering to Your Storage Space

maxCache and maxCache Plus use advanced caching and tiering technology to accelerate application performance.

For caching applications, maxCache uses the Solid State Drives (SSDs) in your system as fast cache memory. maxCache supports both read and redundant-write caching, and provides performance benefits for both read and write operations in I/O-intensive applications with mixed workloads.

For tiering applications, maxCache provides virtualized pools of storage using all of the storage resources in your system. It allows you to organize media into virtual pools with similar performance characteristics, and provision volumes comprised of pools with different tier levels. Higher level tiers, comprised typically of SSDs or other fast media (PCIe flash, for instance) store frequently used "hot" data; while lower level tiers, comprised typically of rotating media, such as SAS or SATA hard disk drives, store static or less frequently accessed data.

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