Adding maxCache to Local Storage

For storage connected directly to your Adaptec Series Q controller, maxCache uses a reserved logical drive comprised of SSDs only, called the maxCache Container, for fast read and write caching. maxCache can be applied independently on a per controller or per logical drive basis. By default, maxCache is enabled for new logical drives (see Creating Logical Drives).

With maxCache read caching enabled, the system copies frequently read "hot" data to the maxCache Container for faster retrieval. With maxCache write caching enabled, the maxCache Container is populated with certain "hot" blocks from the logical drives on the controller. All writes to these hot blocks go directly to the maxCache Container. The data remains on the maxCache Container until it is full or some other "hotter" data replaces it.

Use the procedures in the following sections to create, modify, and maintain the maxCache Container, and to enable and disable maxCache for the logical drives in your storage space.

Note: Adaptec Series 6Q controllers support maxCache read caching only and do not use the maxCache Container. For more information, see Using maxCache with Adaptec Series 6Q Controllers.

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