The Ribbon 

Most tasks in maxView Storage Manager are available from the ribbon, at the top of the main window. The ribbon replaces toolbars and menus in maxView Storage Manager to help you quickly find the commands you need to complete a task.

The ribbon is organized into groups, with related tasks for Systems, Controllers, Logical Devices, Physical Devices, and maxCache devices (maxCache Container, Virtual Pools, Virtual Volumes); the Home group (on the left) provides commands for working with remote systems (see Managing Remote Systems). Options available on the ribbon vary, depending on which type of component is selected in the Enterprise View. For instance, if you select a controller in the Enterprise View, the Create Logical Drive option is highlighted in the Logical Device group, in addition to options in the Controller group. If you select a disk drive or SSD in the Enterprise View, options in the Physical Device group are highlighted; and so on.

For a description of the icons on the ribbon, see Icons At-a-Glance.

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