About maxView Storage Manager 

maxView Storage Manager is a browser-based software application that helps you build a storage space for your data, using Adaptec RAID controllers, disk drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs), and enclosures.

With maxView Storage Manager, you can group disk drives into logical drives and build in redundancy to protect your data and improve system performance. You can also use maxView Storage Manager to monitor and maintain all the controllers, enclosures, and disk drives in your storage space from a single location.

The maxView Storage Manager GUI (or graphical user interface) runs on most contemporary Web browsers (for a list of supported browsers, see Browser Support). A software stack comprising a Web server, Agent, and CIMOM server allows maxView Storage Manager to communicate with your RAID controller and coordinate activity in your storage space.

image/svg+xml Browser maxView StorageManager Client Web ServerApache Tomcat maxView Servlet CIMOM Driver AdaptecController HTTPS RMI SMI-S maxView StorageManager Agent

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